29 April 2012

Cleaning Rusty Metal Bolts

One day I had this guy come to me and ask for some Coke. "Not for drinking" he said.

He explained he was repairing an old car and a few of the bolts and nuts were so tight that they had joint togeher permanently. They have not been undone for many years and were all corroded and covered in rust. The guy needed some Coke to pour on the rusty joints. Using the acidity of this popular soft drink he was planning to remove some of the rust in order to untie the nuts.

I was so intrigued I took a bottle of Coke and went with him to watch the procedure. I didn't quite believe what he was saying and thought he was taking me for a ride.

To my absolute amazement, the Coke that I love taking regularly with my Jack Daniels, ate away the years old rust and freed the bolts and nuts to be easily undone. Brilliant!

So, whenever you have any rusty problems, Coke them well and rust will disappear.

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