29 April 2012

Cleaning Rusty Metal Bolts

One day I had this guy come to me and ask for some Coke. "Not for drinking" he said.

He explained he was repairing an old car and a few of the bolts and nuts were so tight that they had joint togeher permanently. They have not been undone for many years and were all corroded and covered in rust. The guy needed some Coke to pour on the rusty joints. Using the acidity of this popular soft drink he was planning to remove some of the rust in order to untie the nuts.

I was so intrigued I took a bottle of Coke and went with him to watch the procedure. I didn't quite believe what he was saying and thought he was taking me for a ride.

To my absolute amazement, the Coke that I love taking regularly with my Jack Daniels, ate away the years old rust and freed the bolts and nuts to be easily undone. Brilliant!

So, whenever you have any rusty problems, Coke them well and rust will disappear.

12 April 2012

The Best Way To Clean Your Glasses

I know it is something many of you may already know but for people who wear glasses and don't know this tip it could be a life changing thing.

It is quite simple actually. Kitchen towels and toilet paper cleans glasses exceptionally well. Forget about microfibre or any fancy silky pieces of fabric your optician has enclosed in your glasses holder - waste of time and effort. I have been there and tried from the entry level cleaning cloth to the top of the range designer cloths. They all smeared the glass and could never leave a smudge free surface. Yeah, you can still have an acceptable level of cleanliness with microfibre colths but after you have used a piece of good old kitchen towel or toilet paper to clean your glasses, you will never come back to using the standard cloths.

Cheap, easy to get hold of anywhere, brilliant result every time. What's even better - you go once with the kitchen towel and the glass is nice and polished. When I was using clothes I used to go countless times over and over again - you clean on side but smear the other. Duh! Nightmare. Not anymore though :)

Enjoy the tip!

If you know a better alternative way of cleaning glasses, I need to know. Send your tip immediately so it can get published.

05 April 2012

Natural Cleaning In The Office - The Power Of Vinegar

Yesterday I wanted a cup of tea so badly that I went straight to the office kitchen and filled the kettle. Just before I started to boil the water I glanced inside. Phugh! What a disgusting slimy thing has accumulated everywhere over the last few months. Limescale. When you shake the kettle big pieces of the thing started to float around like a massive pile of plankton. 

Not a very pleasant site. Probably OK if you don't watch inside the kettle but I just can't help it.

Then I decided to do something about it. Clean it. I remembered once a friend of mind told me about the cleaning power of vinegar. I never put any weight to her words back then but now I had a challenge and I needed a solution. I reached for the vinegar.

The secret for success when cleaning your kettle with vinegar is to boil the vinegar and keep it boiling for a good 5-6 minutes. I know, the smell is not one of the nicest, but it's definitely worth the sacrifice of a temporary indoor air quality discomfort. 

Open windows in order to keep good ventilation. Vinegar in kettle, kettle switched on, boily, boily for 5 minutes and switch kettle off. Drain the vinegar in the kitchen sink. Do not try to re-use the vinegar for cooking - it won't give the required result. Rinse kettle well with fresh water. 

If your limescale problem is quite big you can repeat the vinegar boiling procedure before throwing the waste vinegar. 

You may still feel a funny smell coming from the kettle during the next few water boils but don't worry. This is absolutely normal and the smell will go away soon.

I would like to confirm that no animals were harmed while experimenting with the boiling vinegar kettle cleaning apart from a few kit-kats.

Happy Easter everyone! 

03 April 2012

Cleaning Tips Anyone?

I am so excited I just created my own blog. I plan to start sharing many cleaning tips from my own experience and from people all over the world.

Knowing how to clean well without messing things up (and of course getting a successful result) could be invaluable if:

  • You are a bachelor and expect the girl of your dreams to pay you a home visit
  • You can't stand dirty things at home and work
  • Just like to clean around simply to keep fit. If you are going to clean you might as well get the result right :)
If you want to share his know how about tackling different cleaning tasks, let me know. Post, post, post.