05 April 2012

Natural Cleaning In The Office - The Power Of Vinegar

Yesterday I wanted a cup of tea so badly that I went straight to the office kitchen and filled the kettle. Just before I started to boil the water I glanced inside. Phugh! What a disgusting slimy thing has accumulated everywhere over the last few months. Limescale. When you shake the kettle big pieces of the thing started to float around like a massive pile of plankton. 

Not a very pleasant site. Probably OK if you don't watch inside the kettle but I just can't help it.

Then I decided to do something about it. Clean it. I remembered once a friend of mind told me about the cleaning power of vinegar. I never put any weight to her words back then but now I had a challenge and I needed a solution. I reached for the vinegar.

The secret for success when cleaning your kettle with vinegar is to boil the vinegar and keep it boiling for a good 5-6 minutes. I know, the smell is not one of the nicest, but it's definitely worth the sacrifice of a temporary indoor air quality discomfort. 

Open windows in order to keep good ventilation. Vinegar in kettle, kettle switched on, boily, boily for 5 minutes and switch kettle off. Drain the vinegar in the kitchen sink. Do not try to re-use the vinegar for cooking - it won't give the required result. Rinse kettle well with fresh water. 

If your limescale problem is quite big you can repeat the vinegar boiling procedure before throwing the waste vinegar. 

You may still feel a funny smell coming from the kettle during the next few water boils but don't worry. This is absolutely normal and the smell will go away soon.

I would like to confirm that no animals were harmed while experimenting with the boiling vinegar kettle cleaning apart from a few kit-kats.

Happy Easter everyone! 

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