15 May 2012

Chemicals Do The Cleaning Only If You Let Them To

I have always wondered how ineffectively people do their house cleaning.

"I've been scrubbing all day long and the tiled floor is still dirty...". I've heard this many times in my life. So what seems to be the problem?

Have you noticed that when you spray your chemical on the dirty area and start scrubbing and rubbing immediately, the result is almost always nott perfect...or it requires more time and effort to remove the mark. If you leave the chemical to do its job (and that is chemically reacting with the dirt substance) you will see that it is almost an effortless job to wipe and scrub off the mark that has been bothering your in-laws for more than a month.

Big cleaning supplies manufacturing companies spend an awful lot of money in research and development of new stuff that cleans better, smells better and is safe for people and the environment. Why waste the chance to have this mountain of dosh to work for you but put in large amounts of elbow grease? I can't find a reason good enough.

Now that you know what to, go grab that mop and blitz the entrance tiles for Grandma is off to Barbados for a week :)

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