28 January 2014

Keeping Carpets Healthy With Professional Cleaning

Clean Carpet
Regularly cleaned carpet improves indoor air quality 
Carpets, rugs and upholstery get populated by a large number of different microorganisms. Some of them can be harmful for a person's health while others can peacefully co-exist with humans, without causing any potential risks to their well-being. And yes, those guys are so tiny, you cannot detect them with your naked eye. Using a special Ultra-Violet light can help you see what a horrible bunch of bugs you share your bed and carpet with.

Due to the carpets' role to act as a filter in the room, they get infested with all the microorganisms that you and the open windows bring into the house. You need to remove all the bacteria and mites from your carpet fibres on frequent intervals because they can cause allergies and asthmatic deceases. In other words - bad stuff. You don't even want to be thinking about this kind of stuff. All you have to do is keep your carpets constantly clean and healthy.

A lot of people had already realised that while vacuum cleaning can remove to some extend these little buggers, the process on its own is not potent enough to get rid of the tiny invaders completely.

Some people try domestic grade carpet cleaning options like Rug Doctor and Vanish - pure waste of time due to the lack of strong suction in the first and the lack of effective stain removal qualities in the latter. I mean, how can you you use one product to remove different varieties of spots? Impossible.

OK. So What Do We do?

As you can see, there are not so many choices left but call for help the professionals. Wait, it is expensive and... somehow...unknown. It surely costs an arm and a leg.

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

There are many businesses who provide homes and offices with carpet and upholstery cleaning services in London and the Greater London area (this is if you live in the capital, that is). So many firms, big and small, that you are faced with the almost "impossible" tasks of choosing the right one.

I have done a short research and found out the following you should be looking for when hiring your carpet cleaner:

1. NCCA members. This helps a lot and is a great starting point. This association requires a lot from its members and is a guarantee that you will not be cheated, conned or left with a half-finished job. This point ticks a lot of boxes, so look out for NCCA membership (http://www.ncca.co.uk)

2. Businesses that have been around for a while. Staying in this competitive business for years is an excellent marker whether a company is doing well or not. With the current stiff competition I wonder if a rubbish company will stay in the black for long.

3. Guarantees. Look for guaranteed services. If a guy/company values its clients, it will make sure they are left satisfied and happy with the work. A guarantee is a good peace of mind and shows transparency and straightforwardness - both a must when dealing with businesses you haven't dealt with before.

Here is a quick list of some companies that cover different parts of the UK:

In London you can find quite a few (http://www.pilgrimpayne.co.uk, http://www.carpetfirst.co.uk). In Bedfordshire I chose these guys http://www.supremecleancarpetcleaner.co.uk, in Oxfordshire -  http://www.spotthedifference.biz.

If you happen to live in Surrey, you are in for a special treat - this website (http://www.healthyhome.co.uk) belongs to no one else but Paul Pearce - the guy that runs the NCCA Training Programs and is currently the Immediate Past Chairman of the Cleantrust (formally IICRC). Wow! You can get your carpets cleaned by the top UK specialist. Nice!

Well, nothing stops you now from keeping your soft furnishings in a top condition and most importantly - clean and healthy. Remember - cleaning is for health, not just for looks.