12 April 2012

The Best Way To Clean Your Glasses

I know it is something many of you may already know but for people who wear glasses and don't know this tip it could be a life changing thing.

It is quite simple actually. Kitchen towels and toilet paper cleans glasses exceptionally well. Forget about microfibre or any fancy silky pieces of fabric your optician has enclosed in your glasses holder - waste of time and effort. I have been there and tried from the entry level cleaning cloth to the top of the range designer cloths. They all smeared the glass and could never leave a smudge free surface. Yeah, you can still have an acceptable level of cleanliness with microfibre colths but after you have used a piece of good old kitchen towel or toilet paper to clean your glasses, you will never come back to using the standard cloths.

Cheap, easy to get hold of anywhere, brilliant result every time. What's even better - you go once with the kitchen towel and the glass is nice and polished. When I was using clothes I used to go countless times over and over again - you clean on side but smear the other. Duh! Nightmare. Not anymore though :)

Enjoy the tip!

If you know a better alternative way of cleaning glasses, I need to know. Send your tip immediately so it can get published.

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